Beiplast has been operating since 1963 with C.S. Corradini e Subazzoli brand: his main activity is the project and the production of technical thermoplastic articles and the realization of their moulds.
Today Beiplast is characterised for his capability to supply a valid technical support during the project phase and for his wide know-how grown along 40 years experience in this field.
The company aim is therefore to build strong partnership with his customers, from co-design planning to the final production, being sure to be able to substantially contribute to the product development and process innovation,  improving efficiency and costs.
Company extension is currently about 12.000 square meters for a total of three plants.
In the first plant there are management offices, thermoplastic moulding department, automatic finished products warehouse, raw materials warehouse; in the second plant there are technical offices and mould construction department; finally the third plant includes the assembly and finished products processing departments.